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    Arceus-Normal Analysis

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    Arceus-Normal Analysis Empty Arceus-Normal Analysis

    Post by Immanent God LANCE on Tue 17 Jun - 6:31

    On the Übers ladders of both Pokémon Online and Pokémon Showdown!, countless battles are fought everyday. Assuming no trainer surrenders, at least six Pokémon are brutally sacrificed by the end of every match. Amidst the absolutely unspeakable amount of excruciating pain, chaos and bloodshed experienced by innumerable Pokémon on the battlefield, a ray of hope would occasionally descend upon a battle. 32.66554% of the time, according to Pokémon Showdown!'s October 2013 usage statistics for that simulator's Pokebank Ubers ladder. Said ray of hope is not a blessing sent from God, but rather, takes the form of mercy: that which is completely embodied by the purest Forme of God Himself, by far the single deadliest sweeper in the Übers metagames of Generations IV and V, whose reign as a deity among sweepers has only been very recently contested with the advent of Xerneas.

    When Extreme Killer Arceus sets foot on the battlefield, the responses of those present are mixed. He who commands the Original One would rejoice with his Pokémon in anticipation of a nearing victory. He who is confronted by the Alpha Pokémon would tremble in fear. But the Pokémon that stand face-to-face before God Himself are the ones upon which the ray of hope descends, for they know better than all that the torturous battlefield on which they stand is soon to disappear from beneath their feet... as their very Creator sends them to their next life with His final judgment, taking the form of His Swords Dance-boosted ExtremeSpeed.

    With only a single exploitable weakness, insane natural bulk that allows Him to survive super effective moves from even the Übers metagame's most powerful attackers on a regular basis anyway, the affordability to increase said bulk even more by investing EVs in HP rather than Speed thanks to the fact that His main attack has +2 priority, a lack of fear of paralysis unlike just about every other fast sweeper in existence, a lack of fear of Choice Scarf-bearing revenge-killers provided they do not resist ExtremeSpeed, as well as the fact that He more often than not only needs a single turn to set up before gaining the ability to decimate just about every Pokémon in existence with His Swords Dance and Same Type Attack Bonus-boosted ExtremeSpeeds, then despite the fact that the rise of support Arceus Formes with Will-O-Wisp as a result of the buff in this move's accuracy, as well as Extreme Killer Arceus's greater opportunity cost in this generation as a result of the increased viability of support Arceus thanks to the Will-O-Wisp and Defog buff, especially in defensive teams, it is no wonder that many intelligent and knowledgeable Übers trainers consider Arceus-Normal to be the single best Pokémon in the entire game.

    Extreme Killer

    Arceus-Normal Analysis 493

    Arceus @ Lum Berry/Silk Scarf/Leftovers/Life Orb
    Ability: Multitype
    EVs: 200 HP / 252 Atk / 56 Spd
    Adamant Nature
    - ExtremeSpeed
    - Swords Dance
    - Shadow Claw/Shadow Force
    - Earthquake/Brick Break/Recover/Overheat/Shadow Force

    With the above EV spread, Arceus-Normal is capable of surviving some of the most brutally destructive attacks the Übers metagame has to offer, from Life Orb Mewtwo's Aura Sphere to Choice Scarf Reshiram's Sun-boosted Blue Flare, and even Choice Specs Kyurem-W's Draco Meteor, giving Him an incredibly easy time to find just the single free turn He needs to set up a Swords Dance. At that point, His Same Type Attack Bonus ExtremeSpeed becomes capable of decimating countless Pokémon in the Übers metagame, including Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Blaziken, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Latias, Latios, Palkia, Darkrai, Shaymin-S, Reshiram, and Kyurem-W in a single hit after only Stealth Rock damage, if such is even needed at all, and if Arceus-Normal happens to be holding Silk Scarf or Life Orb, He can destroy most of the aforementioned Pokémon without needing any hazard support at all. Pokémon that possess a resistance to the Original One's ExtremeSpeed find themselves at the mercy of His coverage moves: Brick Break and Earthquake decimate Rock and Steel-type Pokémon, Shadow Claw and Shadow Force tear apart any spirits foolish enough to think that they are beyond the reach of their Creator's powers, and Overheat fries Skarmory and Scizor while at the same time hitting Ferrothorn harder than even a +2 Brick Break, assuming neutral weather.

    As many teams run Dragon Tail or Roar Giratina-O as a one-time check to Arceus-Normal, Shadow Force is an appealing option for its ability to destroy Giratina-O instantly at +2 Attack, while having a 50% chance of destroying specially-defensive Giratina-A in one hit as well as leading to the instant fall of any Lugia that takes a +2 hit from this move without Multiscale intact. But if the opponent has a Normal-type Pokémon in addition to a Ghost-type Pokémon, then assuming Arceus-Normal runs Brick Break over Earthquake (or even if He runs Earthquake assuming the opponent's Ghost-type Pokémon is Giratina-O, base form Gengar or any other Ghost-type Pokémon immune to Earthquake), running Shadow Force over the more consistent Shadow Claw would result in Arceus-Normal being unable to touch the opponent's team at all assuming they have no entry hazards on their field. However, it should be noted that, because Steel-type Pokémon no longer resist Ghost-type moves, combined with the fact that Arceus-Normal's Shadow Force hits exactly as hard as His own ExtremeSpeed anyway, assuming He isn't holding Silk Scarf of course, running both Shadow Claw and Shadow Force simultaneously is a very viable option, with Shadow Force being used to bypass Rock and Steel-type Pokémon's resistance to ExtremeSpeed while reaping all of the aforementioned benefits against Lugia and the Giratina Formes, and Shadow Claw being used to help the Alpha Pokémon out of situations against teams with both a Ghost-type Pokémon and a Normal-type Pokémon.

    If one is not running both Shadow Claw and Shadow Force simultaneously, then for the fourth moveslot, Earthquake is by far the most powerful option, being capable of felling just about every variant of Dialga in a single hit, but fails to hit Ferrothorn anywhere near as effectively as Brick Break or Overheat do. Earthquake also reliably disposes of King's Shield Aegislash if Arceus-Normal is not running Shadow Force, and also hits Arceus-Rock and Arceus-Steel significantly harder than Brick Break does. Overheat, as previously mentioned, incinerates Skarmory, Scizor and Ferrothorn, but unless Arceus-Normal opts for Shadow Force, in which case He would be unable to touch teams with both Giratina-O and a Normal-type Pokémon, He would struggle to break through the very common Dialga. Brick Break hits both Ferrothorn and Dialga hard, but unless Arceus-Normal runs Shadow Force, using this move would result in Him struggling against Scizor more than with any other moveset. Finally, Recover greatly improves Arceus-Normal's survivability, and combined with significant investment in bulk, also allows the Alpha Pokémon, when reduced to the last Pokémon in His team, to serve as a near-unstoppable win condition against the myriad of teams that rely primarily on pseudo-Hazing in order to counter or check Arceus-Normal, though do note that the sacrifice of coverage is not to be taken lightly, especially if one opts for Shadow Claw over Shadow Force, as Steel-type Pokémon such as Ferrothorn become incredibly hard to take down.

    Arceus-Normal's item of choice depends entirely on what moves He is using as well as what His team demands. Offensive teams that lack a way of absorbing sleep would appreciate the use of Lum Berry, which helps to check Darkrai, most notably by anti-leading it, and Lum Berry additionally also serves as a one-time protection against status-inducing moves in general, most notably Will-O-Wisp, a very common method people use to attempt to stop the sweep of Arceus-Normal. Lum Berry is generally the best item for Arceus-Normal due to the greatly increased prevalence of Will-O-Wisp Arceus in this generation, due to the buff in this move's accuracy. Lum Berry also gives Arceus-Normal further utility by granting His user a chance of stopping the Shell Smash + Baton Pass strategy with prediction, by bringing Smeargle down to its Focus Sash using whatever Pokémon one has out at the time, before switching Lum Berry Arceus-Normal into a predicted Spore and then finishing Smeargle off with an ExtremeSpeed on the next turn. Silk Scarf significantly powers up Arceus-Normal's main attack, His ExtremeSpeed, allowing Him to destroy a significant portion of the Übers metagame in a single hit after a Swords Dance, without needing any entry hazard support at all, making Silk Scarf a great item on any Arceus-Normal in a team that cannot force entry hazards on the opponent's field very effectively. Leftovers greatly improves Arceus-Normal's longevity, and works best on bulky sets with Recover, and finally, Life Orb grants this deity immense destructive power for all of His attacks, although this item comes with the terrible price of 10% of its holder's health every time He attacks, something that seriously compromises one of Arceus-Normal's greatest advantages as a fast sweeper: His incredible bulk.

    The suggested EVs maximize Arceus-Normal's offensive power, enables Him to be fast enough to outrun Rayquaza that do not run a Speed-raising Nature to prevent the Original One from being revenge-killed by its ExtremeSpeed once weakened, and the rest of the EVs are thrown into HP to increase the Creator's bulk as much as possible. However, one can opt for a max. HP set at the expense of Speed, especially for Recover sets with Leftovers, in order to abuse the fact that Arceus-Normal's main attack has +2 priority, and therefore does not need Speed as much as other fast sweepers, which therefore allows Him to abuse His bulk as much as possible. Alternatively, especially for teams that do not have very strong checks to opposing Arceus-Normal, but mainly rely on offensive presence and soft checks such as Earth Plate Groudon and Mega Scizor which can take a hit before retaliating hard with an attack of its own, a max. Speed, possibly even Jolly set at the expense of HP can be viable to allow one's own Arceus-Normal to outrun most other Arceus-Normal and finish them off with an ExtremeSpeed once they have been weakened by teammates. But do note that if Arceus-Normal is running a Jolly Nature, He must absolutely hold either Silk Scarf or Life Orb, or else He becomes pitifully weak, to the point where His +2 ExtremeSpeed only has a 25% chance of knocking out a 4 HP Palkia after Stealth Rock damage.

    Finally, it should also be pointed out that, aside from sweeping, Arceus-Normal's ExtremeSpeed also possesses almost infinite utility, as this Pokémon can come into any fast sweeper, including, but far from limited, to Power Herb Geomancy Xerneas, Dragon Dance Rayquaza, Calm Mind Mewtwo, Swords Dance Blaziken, Flame Charge Ho-Oh or Reshiram, and Shell Smash recipients, and finish it off with a quick ExtremeSpeed provided its health is brought to a low enough level, something that can sometimes be achieved by simply attacking that sweeper on the turn when it sets up with whatever Pokémon one has out at the time.

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