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    Scizor Analysis

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    Scizor Analysis Empty Scizor Analysis

    Post by Immanent God LANCE on Tue 17 Jun - 6:33

    An OU Pokémon that was once, in Generation IV Übers, as prevalent in Übers as Ferrothorn is today, Scizor had lost a lot of its former glory in the Generation V Übers metagame with the rising power of the Sun and its abusers, more specifically the dreaded phoenix Ho-Oh, which can safely set up a Substitute in Scizor's face before promptly blasting Scizor or one of its teammates to oblivion with its absurdly destructive Same Type Attack Bonus moves. While the Defog buff brought about by the release of Pokémon X and Y would intuitively put one off the idea of using a Ho-Oh bait even more, Generation VI has in fact been quite kind to the Pincer Pokémon. Not only has Scizor gained a Mega Evolution, which blesses it with a massive 140 base Defense stat, which, combined with its defensive typing, huge 150 base Attack stat and Superpower, allows it to serve as an excellent check to the legendary sweeper Extreme Killer Arceus, but Scizor is also capable of playing another one of the most important roles demanded by all teams in the Generation VI Übers metagame: That being the ability to check the equally-deadly sweeper Xerneas, by felling it with a Bullet Punch after some prior damage it takes while setting up.

    Mega Scizor

    Scizor Analysis 212

    Scizor (M) @ Scizorite
    Ability: Technician
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spd
    Adamant Nature
    - Bullet Punch
    - Superpower/Toxic
    - U-turn/Bug Bite
    - Roost/Swords Dance/Defog/Pursuit/Toxic

    As mentioned in the overview, Mega Scizor is capable of checking the Übers metagame's two top sweepers: Arceus-Normal, and Xerneas, with Superpower and Bullet Punch respectively, although it should be noted that both of the aforementioned sweepers need to have taken some prior damage before Mega Scizor can revenge-kill them. Although Choice Band Scizor hits both of those Pokémon, and in general significantly harder than Mega Scizor does, Mega Scizor's 140 base Defense which allows it to tank Extreme Killer Arceus's boosted hits, as well as the ability to switch moves in general, are massive advantages that can never be overlooked. Mega Scizor's ability to revenge-kill weakened Pokémon with Bullet Punch, grab momentum with U-turn, and switch into Lugia's status moves without any significant consequences are also very useful, although one's team should be very, very prepared for Ho-Oh, possibly even going as far as to utilize Arceus-Rock, if one does opt to include Scizor in their team, or else one would find themselves having a Pokémon in their team slaughtered by the Rainbow Pokémon every time their Scizor is sent out.

    Swords Dance is a move that allows Mega Scizor to sweep lategame with Bullet Punch if certain conditions are met, but considering the sheer number of Pokémon in the Übers metagame that resist Bullet Punch, outrun Mega Scizor and can fell it in a single hit, such as Ho-Oh, Kyogre, Reshiram, and Dialga or Palkia with a Fire-type move, this move is not recommended over Roost, which gives Mega Scizor far greater longevity, and allows it to become healthy enough to check Extreme Killer Arceus if it happens to be weakened beyond that point. Nonetheless, if one is running Swords Dance, Bug Bite also becomes a viable option on Mega Scizor for a move that, when boosted by Technician, is stronger than U-turn while at the same time not letting Mega Scizor's Swords Dance boosts go to waste once U-turn switches it out. Defog is also a decent option if one absolutely cannot fit this move anywhere else in the team, while with Pursuit, it can switch into the Dragon, Psychic, and Grass-type moves of Latias, Latios and Mewtwo, aimed possibly at Kyogre, without fear, and Pursuit-trap them. Finally, Toxic can go on either the last slot or over Superpower, for the purpose of crippling Ho-Oh, Giratina Formes, support Arceus, and other bulky Pokémon that often switch into Scizor.

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