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    Mewtwo Analysis Empty Mewtwo Analysis

    Post by Immanent God LANCE on Tue 17 Jun - 6:35

    Despite being a man-made Pokémon, there was a time long ago when Mewtwo stood as the Supreme God of the Pokémon world, whose very existence would make even Arceus today look like nothing more than a mere flea before it. The time in question is the days when Electrode was the only Pokémon faster than Mewtwo, in a land where neither Choice Scarf nor Salac Berry existed and priority was limited to only the pitifully weak Quick Attack. A time when Mewtwo's special bulk rivaled that of Ho-Oh's, and a time when after a single turn of setup, the Genetic Pokémon's special bulk would match that of a full-health Multiscale Lugia, while its special sweeping capabilities would make even today's Geomancy Xerneas and Nasty Plot Darkrai jealous... and all of this took place in a metagame where it was the single Pokémon with by far the highest base stat total and specially-offensive power, and where the Psychic type reigned completely supreme and unresisted, due to the absence of any Dark or Steel-type Pokémon back then. Beholding the sight of Mewtwo rocketing into the sky as it emerged from its power-restraining armor as well as the flames of the very Team Rocket laboratory it destroyed, the world proceeded to heed the Psychic-type Pokémon's warning: that the Reign of Mewtwo will soon begin.

    But said reign did not last for very long, for the second generation of Pokémon had been extremely harsh towards the Genetic Pokémon. Not only was its Special Defense stat effectively nerfed by 64 entire base points, but both its offensive and defensive power took a big hit with the advent of the Dark and Steel types, and all of this was, of course, accompanied by the deadliest blow: Amnesia, the very move Mewtwo would utilize back in its glory days in order to become an even more frightening sweeper than it already was, no longer buffed the power of its special attacks, effectively leaving the Psychic-type Pokémon with no way to increase its Special Attack stat, allowing it to be easily walled by many extremely specially bulky Pokémon in the Generation II metagame, such as Blissey, Snorlax and Umbreon, even with the help of Fighting-type moves such as Dynamicpunch, Submission and Hidden Power [Fighting]. Although it was not quite the best Pokémon in Generation II, it nonetheless remained as a very dominating force, if only because back then, it lacked many of its legendary competitors that were soon to come in later generations.

    With the third generation of Pokémon, Mewtwo gained a plethora of competition in the Übers metagame, including the immensely destructive specially-offensive wall-breaker Kyogre, dubbed "King of Übers" by the Smogon University; another offensive Psychic-type Pokémon, Deoxys-A, whose Speed, power and movepool exceeded even that of Mewtwo's; Latias and Latios, whose offense and defense on the special side surpassed that of Mewtwo's thanks to their signature item Soul Dew; as well as the fearsome physical sweepers Groudon and Rayquaza. However, even though Mewtwo had lost its heavenly throne as the single Pokémon in possession of the highest Special Attack in the game to Deoxys-A, it was nonetheless well-prepared for the stiff competition it faced in the Generation III Übers metagame, as with the move Calm Mind, it once more gained the ability to boost the power of its special attacks, albeit nowhere to the same degree of effectiveness as in Generation I. Thanks to the fact that it was a powerful setup sweeper that could outrun the vast majority of the Übers metagame without having to live with paper-thin defenses like Deoxys-A, combined with the fact that Choice Scarf did not exist yet, as well as the fact that priority moves back then were limited only to Deoxys-A and Rayquaza, Mewtwo once more reclaimed its title as the world's most powerful Pokémon, albeit not by the same incredibly large margin as in the first generation.

    Generation IV, however, initiated the dark times for this Pokémon, despite what usage statistics would often appear to indicate. Not only did Mewtwo gain even more competition, but with the introduction of Choice Scarf, many otherwise relatively slow Pokémon could now easily render Mewtwo's 130 base Speed completely obsolete by simply equipping this item, while at the same time they were often able to hit harder than Mewtwo as well, with incredibly high base power Same Type Attack Bonus moves such as Draco Meteor and rain-boosted Water Spout, whereas Mewtwo's strongest viable move besides Selfdestruct was its 90 base power Psychic. Although Mewtwo could theoretically outrun all of these Pokémon by wearing a Choice Scarf of its own, neither its Same Type Attack Bonus move, nor its coverage moves possessed sufficient power or coverage to be really spammable, making being locked into a single attack far more debilitating for Mewtwo than for many other Pokémon such as Kyogre and Dialga. Towards the end of Generation IV, a divine revelation would occur. Although Mewtwo had seen its position as the Pokémon with the highest base stat total being challenged by other Pokémon ever since Generation II, Arceus's descent from the Hall of Origin in 2009 marked the very first time in history when Mewtwo's base stat total of 680 was actually surpassed. Adding on to the problem of Choice Scarf's introduction, the meaning of Mewtwo's elite Speed stat was further diminished with powerful Same Type Attack Bonus ExtremeSpeeds, Griseous Orb-enhanced super effective Shadow Sneaks, and Choice Band and Technician-boosted Bullet Punches tossed around everywhere. At this point, what was once the strongest Pokémon could see nothing of itself except for the fact that it was rapidly drifting further and further away from the unparalleled throne on which it began.

    Although Generation V blessed Mewtwo with a signature move for the very first time in five generations, and thus allowing the Genetic Pokémon to strike down its old nemeses Chansey and Blissey without having to resort to detonating itself, things did not get much better for it overall, especially with the advent of Multiscale Lugia and Choice Scarf Genesect in Pokémon Black and White 2. And because of how incredibly entry hazard-centric the Generation V Übers metagame was, as well as Mewtwo's lack of synergy with the two Magic Bounce Pokémon, Latios was often favored over Mewtwo by intelligent and skilled trainers, due to the Eon Pokémon's immunity to Spikes and Toxic Spikes, as well as its overall superior contribution to a team's defensive synergy.

    Despite the adverse situation in which the Classic God of Pokémon had found itself in the past two generations, it surely did not forget its own words: That the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant, and that it is what one does with the gift of life that determines who they are. Although it is doubtful that Game Freak would ever again allow Mewtwo to enjoy the same degree of glory that it had in Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow, Mewtwo has found itself two awesome tools on its journey to the Kalos region, far surpassing even the very signature move it gained in the previous generation: Mewtwonite X, and Mewtwonite Y. With the power of these Mega Stones, Mewtwo, for the first time in five generations, has regained the ability to stand alone as the Pokémon with the highest base stat total in the entire game, at 780, surpassing even the Creator Arceus Himself by 60 points. Equipped with a Mewtwonite X, the Genetic Pokémon possesses the single highest Attack stat of all Pokémon, while gaining access to Same Type Attack Bonus for Fighting-type moves, which complement its Psychic-type attacks very well offensively, and additionally its Fighting type gives it a neutrality to U-turn, one of this Pokémon's biggest weaknesses in Generation V Übers. And with the power of a Mewtwonite Y, Mewtwo undergoes a slight increase in Speed and once more strikes back as the Pokémon with the single highest Special Attack stat in the game. Although Mega Mewtwo Y's stat distribution guarantees that it gives Genesect an Attack boost, such is actually far less debilitating than in Generation V, as the Defog buff in Generation VI makes it incredibly easy to keep entry hazards off the field and therefore minimize the costs of simply switching Mewtwo out when Genesect comes in. Meanwhile, with the appearance of Xerneas and to a lesser extent, Arceus-Fairy, the great walls Lugia and Giratina-A are now as reluctant as ever to run Dragon Tail as their pseudo-Hazing move, allowing both of them to be easily shut down by a simple Taunt. And combining this with the weather nerf as well as the dramatic increase in the usage of Arceus-Rock, which severely hampers the wall-breaking power of Choice Band/Life Orb Ho-Oh, the deadliest wall-breaker in Generation V's Übers metagame, Taunt Mewtwo, especially with its immense offensive coverage may very well have taken the throne as the single deadliest wall-breaker in the current metagame. Let the entire Generation VI Übers metagame heed this warning once again: The Reign of Mewtwo will soon begin once more!

    Mega Mewtwo X

    Mewtwo Analysis 150

    Mewtwo @ Mewtwonite X
    Trait: Pressure
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    Jolly Nature
    - Low Kick/Drain Punch
    - Taunt
    - Rock Slide/Ice Punch/Stone Edge
    - Earthquake/Ice Punch/Bulk Up/Recover

    The goal of this set is simple: Outrun just about every non-Choice Scarf-bearing Pokémon while brutally tearing holes through the opponent's team with its immense offensive power, backed up by its awesome coverage. Low Kick is its main attack, an unbelievably devastating blow capable of felling many common Pokémon in the Übers metagame, including Arceus-Normal, Arceus-Rock, Dialga, Ferrothorn, Kyurem-W and Tyranitar in a single hit, even assuming the aforementioned Pokémon have 252 EVs invested into HP, and this move also seriously dents many other other Pokémon including Reshiram, Yveltal, Kyogre, Palkia and Zekrom, with Stealth Rock damage resulting in a guaranteed KO against the first, while giving a high chance of KO'ing the second, third and fourth. Drain Punch is an alternate option over Low Kick if one is not running Recover, due to this move's healing properties, but it is not recommended as its power pales in comparison to that of Low Kick against most targets in the Übers metagame - to put this into perspective, a +1 Drain Punch from a Bulk Up Mewtwo still doesn't hit as hard as an unboosted Low Kick against a heavy target. Taunt is great for stopping Defog and entry hazards as well as preventing Mewtwo from being crippled by status moves in general, but its main use is for completely shutting down Lugia and Giratina-A, although one must watch out for the rare Aeroblast from the former, which hits Mega Mewtwo X super effectively.

    For the third move, Rock Slide is the recommended move for its ability to strike down all but the most physically-defensive of Ho-Oh in a single blow, given how much this Pokémon would threaten Mega Mewtwo X otherwise. However, Stone Edge is an alternate option that sacrifices accuracy for greater power, although it should be noted that such greater power isn't needed most of the time, since Rock Slide KOs most Ho-Oh in one hit anyway, while most Lugia cannot touch Mewtwo at all after they are Taunted, and the 100% accurate Low Kick only deals slightly less damage to Yveltal than the 80% accurate Stone Edge does. If one's team is very well-prepared for Ho-Oh, such as if it contains Arceus-Rock, Ice Punch can go over Rock Slide for this slot, which hits Giratina-O, Landorus-T and Gliscor hard, which is very useful as these three Pokémon otherwise take pitiful damage from any of Mega Mewtwo X's attacks.

    Earthquake is recommended as the fourth move as it is this Pokémon's best option against Aegislash, however if one is not too concerned about being walled by that Pokémon, a number of alternatives are viable for this slot. Ice Punch is one of such alternatives for reasons that are aforementioned, while Bulk Up increases Mewtwo's offensive power while at the same time making it more difficult to revenge-kill via ExtremeSpeed, Shadow Sneak, Bullet Punch, and physically-offensive Choice Scarf holders such as Zekrom, although do note that Bulk Up Mega Mewtwo X can still be revenge-killed by the incredibly common Choice Scarf Kyogre, as well as other specially-offensive Choice Scarf holders such as Xerneas as well as Palkia after Mega Mewtwo X has taken some prior damage. Finally, Recover is also a decent option for increasing this Pokémon's longevity.

    Mega Mewtwo Y

    Mewtwo Analysis 150

    Mewtwo @ Mewtwonite Y
    Trait: Pressure
    EVs: 80 HP / 252 SAtk / 176 Spd
    Timid/Hasty Nature
    - Psystrike
    - Taunt/Calm Mind
    - Fire Blast/Flamethrower/Low Kick
    - Grass Knot/Ice Beam/Shadow Ball/Taunt/Recover

    Just like with the Mega Mewtwo X set posted above, this set aims to outrun just about every non-Choice Scarf-bearing Pokémon while brutally tearing holes through the opponent's team with its immense offensive power, backed up by its awesome coverage. Psystrike is self-explanatory, serving as Mega Mewtwo Y's sole Same Type Attack Bonus attack which also seriously dents special walls such as Chansey and Ho-Oh. Taunt completely shuts down the vast majority of Lugia and Giratina-A, especially since they almost never run Dragon Tail anymore, allowing Mewtwo to get past them with ease, and additionally, it also prevents Mewtwo from being crippled by the status-inducing moves of Pokémon such as Chansey, Ferrothorn and support Arceus, while also having utility in stopping Defogs and entry hazards. Calm Mind can go over Taunt to increase Mewtwo's power, but it is not recommended, due to how incredibly easy it is to stop Mewtwo's sweep with the prevalence of ExtremeSpeed, Shadow Sneak and Choice Scarf in the metagame, and additionally, forgoing Taunt makes Mewtwo extremely helpless against Lugia and Giratina-A. As Mewtwo's primary, signature move is resisted by Steel-type Pokémon, either a Fire-type move or Low Kick goes in the third moveslot, and one should opt for a Hasty Nature if they choose Low Kick. Although Low Kick covers Tyranitar and Heatran, Fire Blast serves the extremely useful role of disposing of Aegislash, a Pokémon that threatens Mega Mewtwo Y very well, due to Mega Mewtwo Y's low Defense combined with its weakness to Aegislash's Same Type Attack Bonus Shadow Sneak. Additionally, being able to quickly destroy Ferrothorn and Scizor in a single hit, or blast Genesect into oblivion on the turn it switches in are great too, and one can also opt for Flamethrower if they prefer accuracy over power.

    For the final move, Grass Knot is an excellent option for its ability to KO any non-specially-defensive Groudon in a single hit, a feat not even Ice Beam can manage, and this is extremely useful as knocking out Groudon before it can move prevents it from performing a number of annoying moves, such as setting up Stealth Rock, rendering Mega Mewtwo Y's blazingly high Speed useless with a simple Thunder Wave, or smashing its low 70 base Defense stat extremely hard with an Earth Plate or Life Orb-boosted Earthquake, the latter even having a chance of felling Mega Mewtwo Y in a single hit. With the rise of Arceus-Rock in this metagame, being able to hit the Stone Forme of the Alpha Pokémon for massive damage is extremely sweet too. Ice Beam is a great option that also hits Groudon very hard, in addition to being able to heavily damage many other Pokémon such as Yveltal, Giratina-A, Giratina-O, Rayquaza and Zekrom. If one chooses Low Kick for the third move, Shadow Ball becomes a great option for the fourth move due to its ability to hit Aegislash super effectively, and this move is also very useful against opposing Mewtwo. If one chooses Calm Mind over Taunt for the second move, Taunt is still viable for the fourth move to make Mewtwo a setup sweeper that can also simultaneously get past Lugia and Giratina-A, and finally, Recover is another viable option for increasing Mewtwo's longevity. Though do note that choosing either Taunt or Recover as Mewtwo's fourth move significantly reduces its offensive coverage.

    The recommended EV spread and Nature allows Mega Mewtwo Y to outrun any Mewtwo that does not hold a Mewtwonite Y of their own, maximizes this Pokémon's Special Attack stat, and the rest of the EVs are placed into HP in order to increase the Psychic-type Pokémon's overall bulk. However, maxing out Speed at the expense of HP is a viable option for being able to, prior to Mega Evolving, Speed-tie with Mega Gengar, Mega Mewtwo X and other unevolved Mewtwo.

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