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    Yveltal Analysis

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    Yveltal Analysis Empty Yveltal Analysis

    Post by Immanent God LANCE on Tue 17 Jun - 6:39

    he legendary mascot of Pokemon Y has made a great impact on the current metagame. Altough Yveltal is known as Destruction Pokemon. Thie Destruction Pokemon sits over the metagame as it destroys Stall and also a big threat to Offence teams. Yveltal is an incredibly versatile terror with a potent mix of Offensive and Defensive qualities. With its impressive Bulk, Offence and Speed stat
    HP: 126
    Attack: 131
    Defense: 95
    Sp.Atk: 131
    Sp.def: 98
    Speed: 99.
    The new ability of Yveltal, Dark Aura boost the aforementioned STAB. Its Dark and Flying dual STAB is resisted by very few pokemon. Yveltal is one of the few Ubers Pokemon to learn Taunt. Its signature move Oblivion Wing gives Yveltal suprisingly high sustainability for an Offensive Pokemon. Its Flying typing brings a crippling Stealth Rock weakness and also common Rock/Ice/Electric/Fairy weaknesses kinda hurt it as well. Overall its a great Pokemon to watch out in Uber metagame.

    Yveltal Analysis 717

    1. Offensive Stall Breaker
    Yveltal @ Life Orb
    Trait: Dark Aura
    Nature: Naive OR Rash
    EVs: 76 Atk/ 252 SAtk/ 184 Spe
    - Taunt
    - Sucker Punch
    - Dark Pulse
    - Oblivion Wing
    This set of Yveltal is arguably the most suited to the current metagame. This set can breakdown many form of Stall with Taunt+Oblivion Wing.
    - Taunt is very useful in shutting down walls, foiling, status moves, and blocking attempts to use Defog or set up entry hazards.
    - Sucker Punch is generally the priority and best move on Yveltal to round out this set. With Dark Pulse and Sucker Punch it easily 2HKO Pokemons who do not resist.
    - Dark Pluse is main STAB of this set. LO and Dark Aura boosted Dark Pulse hit everything really hard.
    - Oblivion Wing is Yveltal's other primary STAB option. Oblivion Wing also allows Yveltal to sustain itself for an admirably long time by draining huge amount of HP from its target.

    184 EVs invested in speed to outspeed base 90s pokemons. 252 SAtk is obvious on this set to hit target hard with Dark Pulse and Drain maximum amount of HP from Oblivion Wing. Rest 74 EVs are invested in Atk to boost the power of Sucker Punch.

    [img]Yveltal Analysis 717[/img]

    2. Physical Tank
    Yveltal @ Leftovers OR Rocky Helmet
    Trait: Dark Aura
    Nature: Bold
    EVs: 248 HP/ 252 Def/ 8 Spe
    - Taunt
    - Toxic
    - Foul Play
    - Roost
    This set itself defines its role. I think this Yveltal set is much bulkier than Skarmory.
    - Taunt prevent Yveltal from getting burned or toxiced and also stop set up entry hazards.
    - Toxic allows Yveltal to cripple potential checks such as Xerneas, Fairy Arceus and Ho-oh.
    - Foulplay is the obvious choice of STAB. It does a very good job of breaking down Extremekiller or Banded Ho-oh. Even without investment in Atk it still hit hard with Dark Aura boost and easily OHKOing MMY.
    - Roost is mandatory to give Yveltal adequate healing on this set.

    248 EVs in HP to give it Five switches rather than Four. Maximum Physical bulk to take Physical hit much better. Bold nature is recommended to minimize Foulplay damage.

    Other Option
    There are alot of other good moves which give Yveltal better coverage.
    - Focus Blast is an option to hit Tyranitar which wall Yveltal really well. It also hit Dialga, Heatran, Ferrothron etc.
    - Rock Slide is another option to nail Ho-oh and Yveltal.
    - Choice Scarf and Choice Specs set are also vailiable.
    - Weakness Policy is one more option on Yveltal.

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