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    Arceus-Poison Analysis

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    Arceus-Poison Analysis Empty Arceus-Poison Analysis

    Post by Immanent God LANCE on Tue 17 Jun - 6:42

    When choosing an Arceus forme, it is improtant that you select him carefully. In a metagame where Toxic is an omnipresent threat, and difficult to handle, Aceus equipped with a Toxic Plate is really something to apreciate. Spreading status of his own, whilst beeing immune to the most common one himself, Arceus is now ready to support his teammates in a way he never could before. With the new fairy's as well, the Poison-Type is now much less lame both offensively and deffensively speaking. He can act as a check to most of the sets Xerneas can run, and also pressure SR setter relying on Toxic to beat supportceuses. In this gen, Poisonceus becomes much more versatile than before, giving him a new depth and viability. He can act as a supporter with Defog and spreading status, or can slowly plow through teams with Calm Mind boosts, or try to mimic the known E-Killer with a Swords Dance or two. He can also bait Ground-Types to stay in and EQ, just to get burned and then stalled. While everything seems pretty good so far, there's still some things that hold him back. The trinity of the titans Kyogre, Mewtwo and Mega Gengar all gives him a tough time, and they're all common on Hyper Offensive teams.

    Calm Mind Sweeper

    Arceus-Poison Analysis Arceus-poison

    Arceus-Poison @ Toxic Plate
    Ability: Multitype
    EVs: 112 Spd / 232 HP / 164 SAtk
    Timid Nature
    IVs: 0 Atk
    - Calm Mind
    - Judgment / Sludge Bomb
    - Will-O-Wisp / Fire Blast / Focus Blast / Flamethrower
    - Recover

    Since this thing is immune to Toxic, he'll find many oppertunities to set up. His Judgment has fairly good coverage, Steel beeing the only type not beeing affected. Therefore, this guy has Will-O-Wisp. A move which lets him get past Steel-Types and Ground-Types who otherwise would be big threats. As most other Arceus-Formes, he has room for Recover, which means that he can stay for a very long time, due to the Toxic Immunity. Another thing that sets him apart from the other CM Arceus formes is his ability to beat Clefable, who sometimes makes an apperance. If you are willing to sacrifice some power to a nifty 30% chance to poison, Sludge Bomb is a very reliable option over Judgment. Feel free to use this guy very aggresivvely to abuse his Toxic immuntity to spread status and/or deal damage.

    Instead of WoW, you can run a coverage move to have an easier time to deal with Steel-Types. Fire Blast is reccomended as it 2HKO's all of the bulky Ground pokes (barring Groundceus) who normally resists your STAB. If your team already can handle these threats, Focus Blast is still an awesome, yet less reliable way to deal with Steel and ground types, it also deals with Heatran. Landorus-T now resists both of your moves, and you can't do much at all against him. You can no longer abuse Groudon's own sun against him either, leaving you more vurnable to him as well. Flamethrower is yet another move you can use. If you isn't bothered much against Ground-Types, but still want an accurate move to get the best coverage, this is the move for you.

    The EV spread allows him to outspeed Jolly Garchomp and everything below. His HP guarantess that he will live GeoXern's +2 Psyshock (87.5% chance to live if SR is down), and will do around 40% back if you're unboosted. At last, he's got the standard 0 IV's to reduce damage from confusion and SwagPlay. When using this set, watch out for Mewtwo, Gengar, Kyogre, Deo-A and Heatran, all who can end your sweep if you're not careful.

    Good teammembers for the Calm Mind variant is first of all a way to deal with Mewtwo. Since your Arceus spot already would be taken, Yveltal would be the best poke for this, as he is immune to both of Arceus Poison's weaknesses. Klefki can also check Mewtwo, and other threats, with a fast T-Wave to cripple him for the match. Or could abuse the fact that they will most likely switch and set up spikes or sub. Landorus-T can help enourmusely against Steel-Types, and set up SR on them, or just grab momentum with U-Turn. Palkia can effectly take on Kyogre, Gengar and Heatran, (you can also use a Kyogre on your own, for a more offensive aproach.) Zekrom is also a very good partner to abuse the weakening of Ground-Types you can abuse. Lastly, a physically deffensive Xerneas can use aromatherapy to heal your status, most noticably paralysis.

    Defog Support

    Arceus-Poison Analysis Arceus-poison

    Arceus-Poison @ Toxic Plate
    Ability: Multitype
    EVs: 144 HP / 252 Def / 112 Spd
    Timid / Jolly Nature
    - Defog
    - Sludge Bomb / Poison Jab
    - Will-O-Wisp / Thunder Wave
    - Recover

    This set is very similar to the CM set, where Defog is the main move instead of Calm Mind. Another change is his STAB can be physical, which makes him hit Ho-Oh, Kyogre and the Fairy-Type clerics harder, at the cost of beeing slighly more Burn prone. Of course he can also run Sludge Bomb if you want him to be more speacially oriented. It also has, like Sludge Bomb, a hefty 30% chance to Poison. Another niche this guy has, is that he has no problem to defog against some of the best SR setters in the game. Dialga and Ferrothorn cannot wear him down, nor Toxic him, while you can retaliate back with burns and Defog. Like the CM, he can bait Ground-Types and burn them, burn a lot of things, or deal damage with Poison Jab. Recover makes this guy stay for ages, without much support. T-Wave over WoW can be used if you want a way to stop fast physical sweepers and crippling them.

    The EV's here are to outspeed Garchomp, and have a massive physical bulk to take Psychic moves that hits your deffence, from Xerneas or Mewtwo. He can act as a back-up check to GeoXern because of this.

    While pretty much the same as the CM set, the Defog variant differents himself in the teammates he can support. Lugia really apreciates a poke that can sefely defog and is immune to toxic. Ho-Oh, Reshiram and Rayquaza all have powerfull fire moves they can use to punish the Steel pokes that can be a nuicianse to Poisonceus, and they greatly apreciates the Defog support. Once again, Yveltal is a fine partner, apreciates the Defog and is immune to Psychic and Ground and is a good check to Mewtwo. Tyranitar (especially with Chople Berry) likes to get his oposing Ground-Types burnt, while he acts as a SR setter, a check to Ho-Oh, Heatran and can Pursuit Trap Mega Gengar if needed, just pick the coverage moves you want. Landorus-T and Hippo can both, in different ways, set SR and can switch into Ground- and Steel-Types with little to fear.

    Swords Dance Sweeper

    Arceus-Poison Analysis Arceus-poison

    Arceus-Poison @ Toxic Plate
    Ability: Multitype
    EVs: 252 Atk / 232 Spd / 24 SAtk
    Naughty Nature
    - Swords Dance
    - Poison Jab
    - Earthquake
    - Ice Beam / Grass Knot / Overheat

    Arceus-Poison faces heavy competition from the other Arceus formes as a physical sweeper. His STAB is resisted by Ground, where there are many physical walls. Giratina, Scizor and Ferrothorn all walls this set and doesn't have too much troubble dealing with him. However the fact that this thing can be brought in on a Toxic, giving him a free chance to set up, gives him a way to be unpredictable and suprising, catching people off guard. Poison Jab is for STAB and EQ is for a good coverage. His last slot is a difficult one, though. he can choose from a lot of different special moves to help deal with pokes who otherwise wall him hard. He can also run another covergae move, or E-Speed for some weak, but also helpful priority. At last, he can also run Refresh, Recover, or even sub, to become even more unpredictable and make some weird comebacks.

    This thing saldy takes up you Arceus slot, and therefore limits your Defog options. He won't last long in the battlefield and your best bet would be to weaken his threats, before your opponent realizes that your poisonceus can sweep if some key pokes are weakened or dead. Arceus-Steel can do a similar thing to this, he's also immune to Toxic and can also act as a Xerneas check.

    If you choose a non-special move for the last spot, put the EV's in HP, or defences. you can also use a Lonely nature with a special attack, or a Jolly if you want to be faster.

    The best parnters for this guy would be some other physical sweepers who could weaken Poisonceus' threats, or vice cersa, having an easier time sweeping with their checks weakened. I don't really know about many others than that. probably some of the other pokes who synergized well with the other Poisonceus sets.


    There's also a SD set I've seen on the ladder. Imo it is outclassed by the Normal, Ground and Ghost version, because beeing immune to Toxic is not a huge thing for a SD sweeper. He also struggles to get past common threats and offer little support to the team. Done, although I still feel lke he has his flaws, and is outclassed by even Steelceus.

    I also didn't find the gen6 sprites for Arceus-Poison (or any other Arceus Forme, besides the normal one.)
    ...and btw, I might have forgot to mention that he is immune to Toxic... Meeh, I mentioned it  Razz 

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