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    Ditto Analysis

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    Ditto Analysis Empty Ditto Analysis

    Post by Immanent God LANCE on Tue 17 Jun - 6:42

    Beeing one of the three pokemons in existence learning Transform, Ditto can change into his oponents pokes, but in the 5th generation, something big happened. he was blessed with the ability Imposter from the god of all pokemon himself. He can now transform into his oponents without any troubble, only hindered by substitues and Zoroark with his Illusion up. His mere presence is enough to keep set-up sweepers from setting up, so he is a nice fit to both hyper offenive teams and balanced teams so the other teammebers have an easier time handling these threats. This revengeous doppelganger is first of all a Normal-Type, so depsite being an identity thief, he is still vurnable to all forms of hazards (Even if he transforms into a Steel or Poison-Type he still gets poisoned by T-Spikes), however, Sticky Web triggers before he transforms, which means his speed will only get reduced if he switches into another Ditto, whereas this will actually be helpfull. Anyways, he cannot copy an already copied poke, which means if someone copies your Gengar, you can switch in Ditto, who won't transform, and be immune to the predicted Ghost attack. You will then proceed to PP stall the ramingin 4 PP of that ghost move, and force them out, getting momentum yourslef, if you know that they are out of PP, you can predict their switch, and doubble into another poke, to get even more momentum. Despite beeing an identity thief, his HP do not get copied, and with a base stat of only 48, he's note very bulky, so be carefull about switching him in. HP is the only stat that is not copied, EV's and IV's and stat changes for all the other stats, is copied.


    Ditto Analysis 132

    Ditto @ Choice Scarf
    Ability: Imposter
    EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SDef
    Relaxed Nature
    IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spd
    - Transform

    With his amazing movepool, stats and versatility, Ditto can make his appereance in Ubers as well. Choice Scarf is by far the best item you can ever have on this guy. Letting him become a revenge killer, or a counter sweeper. His sheer presence is enough to keep them from setting up (does not include CM Arceus formes), and make it easier for your teammates to handle them. As well as the Scarf, Imposter is also really important, without both of them, Ditto is a pathetic excuse of a team slot. You use Ditto mainly to revenge, and kill pokes who dares to set-up, but be careful when relying on this guy. He needs Xerneas and most E-Killer formes to be sligthly weakened to be able to one shot them. Even after a boost, you should cut them down to around 60% HP left, to OHKO. Another nice niche he has is to be able to steal the boosts from baton pass teams, giving you a good advantage. A fun thing to do with Ditto is his ability to stay for a long time against Yveltals. Because of Ditto's low HP, he can recover way more HP with Oblivion Wing than Yveltal does.

    The standard spread on this thing is "only" investment in his HP. I fancy 248 EV's, not to hit a Steath Rock number, but to hit a Struggle number. this is much more important. The rest of the EV's and IV's is to increase your chance of living. Let me show you what happens when 2 Ditto's battle each other. The faster one will transform into the other Ditto, recieving his stats, and more importantly, only 5 PP on Transform. As I already mentioned, a Ditto cannot transform into another Ditto who has already been transformed. This means that the slower one, or the one who "out-slows" the other will win if less he is very weakened. And that is why you should use minimal speed and why I said that Sticky Web on your side of the battlefield is then advantagous in a Ditto war. Because the slower one copies your spread, investing the rest of your EV’s in Deffense is important to reduce Struggle damage. Do not invest in Attack, this is counterproductive becuase both Ditto’s woun't run out of PP at the same time, if you transform you will start struggling before he does, with his stats. So you will never use your own Attack stat to any use, so removing the IV’s there is optimal.

    You now have 8 EV’s left. The only 2 stats you haven’t modified is the SpA and the SpD stats. Since Ditto will absolutely never use SpA attacks, you might as well just put them in SpD.
    If you are confident most players do not run minimal speed, and you absolutely need 1 more HP, you cann fully invest in HP with 252 EV’s. Another thing to note with Ditto, is that hi Judgment will always be Normal-Type, because Ditto won’t hold a plate. Ditto also loses to Ghostceus’ Shadow Force, because his Shadow Force will hit while they are still unvurnable. Ditto cannot do much against stall, his best option there is to spread status, heal himself, act as a semi cleric and set and clear hazards. You can scout a Ho-Oh set by switching in on his Sacred Fire, and then switch out, to get much of your HP back with your new Regenerator ability. Switching in on Gliscor can also be cool, as most Gliscors can't hit another Gliscor, and if they carry Taunt, you can shut them down, before switching out. An interesting thing to know is that Ditto's hapiness will not change when transformed, which menas that Kangaskhan with Frustration, gives you a hard time, if you think you'll face more of them than Return version, then go ahead and remove his hapiness.

    Ok, I think I didn’t miss anything here. I don’t know what I should call the set. ”Imposter” is standard and lame, imo, but I don't know what else to call the set. Other names include: Doppelganger, identity Thief, Copy That, Mimicker, Copycat. So should I keep it the way it is, or change it?

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