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    Clan Rules Empty Clan Rules

    Post by Immanent God LANCE on Mon 16 Jun - 14:20

    In this clan, there are only six rules:

    1. You must, at all times in your life, both within and outside of this clan's facilities, be a morally good person as explained in this post.
    2. You must not be a member of any clan other than Heavenly Dragon Gods.
    3. You must not spam in the clan's forums or Pokémon Online channel.
    4. In the forums, you must not post two or more messages consecutively in the same thread.
    5. On Pokemon Online, you are not allowed to request for draws (however, you can accept draws if your opponent offers them), unless your opponent is a fellow clan member.
    6. You must not interact with, much less befriend a person who has proven themselves to be evil.

    Because of the fact that only six rules exist to be remembered, as well as the fact that all six of them are extremely easy to understand and follow, it is an expectation that all members must follow them. If one breaks any of the above rules, they can expect to be punished, as there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for breaking any one of the forum's six simple rules.

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