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    Post by Thundrake on Wed 17 Sep - 0:03

    1 ) Who showed you this forum?
    R:Rocky and Supreme

    2 ) What are your nicknames or
    R:Thundrake or Al Da

    3 ) Have you been in a clan before?
    If yes, which one?

    4 ) Why do you want to join Heavenly Dragon Gods?
    R:Beacues it looks interesting having a clan experience and this clan seems pretty good, I also want to learn from someone with more experience than me.

    5 ) What is your playing level (Rookie, Intermediate, Expert, Veteran)? You can also show ladder prints.
    R:I think Intermediate

    6 ) When did you start playing Pokémon?
    R:I started playing pokemon in 2004 and PO in 2013

    7 ) Do you have any tournament or cup titles?

    8 ) What is your favorite Pokémon?

    9 ) Where are you from?
    R:I'm from Italy

    10 ) What other online games do you play, if any?
    R:I played some MMO and RPG some Years ago.

    11 )What is your favorite Pokémon site, forum, community?
    R:I often give a look to Smgon.

    12 ) Have you ever battled a Heavenly Dragon Gods member before? If yes, then prove with logs (if possible).
    R:Yes, I battled with Supreme

    13 ) Which server do you generally
    play in and what tiers?
    R:I play on PO and PS, usually XY OU, XY LC and BF 6v6

    14 ) Have you ever been on PS? If yes,which room you prefer?
    R:Yes and I don't prefer any room

    I haven't get he minimum points to be in yet, but I reached a good position in the BF6V6 tier for me.

    However I apologize for my bad english ._.
    aLiEn Mw
    aLiEn Mw
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    Application Empty Re: Application

    Post by aLiEn Mw on Wed 17 Sep - 4:17

    I battled him before, i'm the one who had the idea to introduce him to the clan because he's a good person himself and one interested to be in the clan, i'll award him a shining badge of trust with confidence.
    As he doesn't meets the reqs, what should be done Lance?

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    Immanent God LANCE
    Immanent God LANCE
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    Application Empty Re: Application

    Post by Immanent God LANCE on Wed 17 Sep - 10:03

    This application will be closed until he gets the requirements. For Battle Factory 6v6, it is 1500 now by the way, not 1550.



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